Environmental protection

Green fine chemicals refers to the use of environmentally friendly production materials and environmentally friendly chemical production technologies in the production process of the chemical industry.Reduce the chemical pollution in the production process,and minimize the pollution to the environment. The development of green fine chemicals is the need of social development and the inevitable reform of traditional industries.The application of green fine chemicals in the chemical industry can not only improve the protection of the environment, but also increase economic benefts and reduce production costs. Fine chemical products can be used as new superhydrophobic materials,forms an easy-to-clean coating,can be used for oil pipeline transportation, waterproof and antifouling treatment.Therefore, the plastic bucket can be reused,no residues in the oil pipeline, so as to achieve the effect of environmental protection.




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DY-458 Intsead of HFE-458

DY-458 is an environmentally friendly solvent, used as a heat carrier, battery foaming agent, and an additive to remove dust or non-condensable gases, etc.

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DY670 Electronic Grade Coating is designed for the protection of printed circuit boards and electronic components.

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DY658/DY659 Electrical Grade Coating is a lower solids version of DY Electronic Grade Coating.

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