Surface treatment

Fine chemical industry is a technology-intensive industry that requires strong scientific research forces as a backing.Strengthening technological innovation and focusing on the development of high-performance, specialized and green products have become an important feature of the current world fine chemical competition and development.Fine chemicals is one of the most dynamic emerging fields in the chemical industry today. Fine chemical products can be used as new superhydrophobic materials, can form a coating to achieve the surface treatment effect. For example,self-cleaning glass, metal, ceramics and other surface waterproof and anti-fouling,lIt can also reduce the friction of oil or natural gas pipelines and prevent blockages. In addition, it can be used on outdoor antennas to prevent lightning accumulation.




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DY-458 Intsead of HFE-458

DY-458 is an environmentally friendly solvent, used as a heat carrier, battery foaming agent, and an additive to remove dust or non-condensable gases, etc.

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DY670 Electronic Grade Coating is designed for the protection of printed circuit boards and electronic components.

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