High-end coating and ink applications of micro-nano titanium dioxide, fluorine-containing surface treatment agents and leveling agents

In the high-end coatings and ink industry, continuous pursuit of innovation has become a relentless pursuit. To this end, the integrated application of titanium dioxide, fluorine-containing surface treatment agents and leveling agents has become a disruptive technological breakthrough. Through the combination of independent intellectual property patented technology and innovation, the three synergize with each other to provide new possibilities for the performance of coatings and inks.

As the main white pigment, titanium dioxide not only affects the hiding power and color brightness of coatings and inks, but its particle size also affects their performance to a great extent. The micro-nano particle size, super dispersion and compatibility with resin can improve the gloss and uniformity of the coating and the spraying effect, thereby enhancing the overall visual effect. The particle size d50 of the micro-nano titanium dioxide produced by our company is 0.25-0.3μm, d971um, and there are no coarse particles above 3um. The use of the company's own intellectual property rights of organic-inorganic hybrid technology greatly guarantees the high-end quality of our company. The special micro-nano titanium dioxide for coatings and inks is super-dispersed in high-end coatings and inks. It has excellent compatibility with resin and is not easy to precipitate. It does not block spraying and is one of the preferred raw materials for high-end coatings and inks.


At the same time, the combination of the company's self-developed fluorine-containing surface treatment agents and leveling agents brings a wider range of applications and superior performance to high-end coatings and inks.

The introduction of fluorine-containing surface treatments adds new functionality to coatings and inks. Its unique hydrophobic and oleophobic properties enable the coating to have stronger self-cleaning ability and stain resistance when encountering external pollution such as water and oil. It also improves the weather resistance and durability of the coating, making it more durable in harsh environments. It also maintains good appearance and performance.


Leveling agents play an indispensable role in coatings and inks. Its defoaming effect effectively prevents bubbles generated during the coating construction process and ensures the smoothness and aesthetics of the coating surface. At the same time, the leveling agent reduces the surface energy of the solvent, making it easier for the paint to spread on the substrate, forming a uniform and smooth coating, and improving the coverage and adhesion of the paint.


The comprehensive application of these three provides a comprehensive improvement in the performance of high-end coatings and inks. Through precise proportioning and process optimization, the fine particle size of titanium dioxide is combined with the hydrophobic and oleophobic properties of fluorine-containing surface treatment agents, combined with the defoaming and solvent surface energy reducing effects of leveling agents, making coatings and inks better in appearance and function. and performance reached a whole new level.


In summary, the integrated application of micro-nano titanium dioxide, fluorine-containing surface treatment agents and leveling agents has injected new vitality and innovation into the high-end coatings and ink industries. The continuous evolution and application of this technology will open up a broader development space for future coatings and ink products, providing more high-quality and sustainable solutions for all walks of life.