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Fine chemical products refer to some chemical products with specific application properties, many synthesis steps,complex reactions, few products and high output value.For example, medicines, pesticides, chemical reagents,adhesives,coatings, surfactants, food additives, perfumes,various auxiliary agents, dyes,catalysts,etc.Fine chemicals is one of the most dynamic emerging fields in the chemical industry today.Fine chemical products have a wide range of types and uses,which directly serve many industries in the national economy and various fields of high-tech industries. Fine chemical products are widely used in the medical industry,For example,medical goggles, masks, gloves, protective clothing,etc. all need to be treated with fine chemical products to achieve the effect of hydrophobic and oleophobic.Therefore, it is widely used in the medical industry.In addition, it is used for the tip of a micro syringe,which can completely eliminate the adhesion of expensive drugs on the tip and the contamination of the tip caused by this.




Related Products

DY-458 Intsead of HFE-458

DY-458 is an environmentally friendly solvent, used as a heat carrier, battery foaming agent, and an additive to remove dust or non-condensable gases, etc.

DY670 Instead of 3M Novec 2702/04

DY670 Electronic Grade Coating is designed for the protection of printed circuit boards and electronic components.

DY658/DY659 Instead of 3M egc-1702/1700

DY658/DY659 Electrical Grade Coating is a lower solids version of DY Electronic Grade Coating.

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