Quzhou Dongye Chemical Technology Co.,Ltd is located in the National Economic Development Area-- Donggang Economic Development Area in Quzhou, Zhejiang Province. And our company focus on electronic fluorine fine chemicals, advanced polymer materials of scientific and technological R & D intelligent manufacturing.

Our company cooperate with domestic famous universities and state key laboratories in building our own Research and Development Base, Incubation Base, Achievement Industrialization Base.We have a team which is concluded one postdoctoral (national second prize winner of scientific and technological invention), four doctors (three overseas scholars), two senior engineers, two masters, etc.This team has strong technical force, excellent research productivity and rich industrialization experiences.


Science and technology make the world simpler, chemistry makes life more wonderful

The company always takes the customer demand as the guidance and introduces the best value-added solution partner for the customer. We keep and follow a heart that is let the technology and creative lead the future. Self-motivated forward and hand in hand with the customers to the era of science and technology to step into a better future.


Establish a good corporate image, we strive to create value for human life, establish a responsible, trustworthy professional corporate image. We provide environmentally friendly, safe, fashionable and economical products. We set up a stage for employees to challenge themselves and realize their value. We provide competitive salary and create a positive and challenging working environment.